Catching Up With YouTube Gamer & Internet Personality Graser10!

Graser – otherwise known by his real name of ‘Zachary’ is a beloved YouTube gamer with over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 170,000 followers on Twitter.
Starting out with Club Penguin videos in 2007, Graser began to broaden his horizons by entering the world of Minecraft, where he organized the Cube SMP server, eventually creating alliances with other YouTubers such as HBomb94 and MineplexOffical

I recently had the chance to chat with the Canadian gaming sensation!

Q: When did you post your first YouTube video, and what was it?!

A: I posted my first video back in 2007. Funnily enough, this was before a lot of my current audience was born! The video, titled “Club Penguin – Cart Surfer”, was filmed on Disney’s online Club Penguin world. That game would go on to be what propelled my channel to where it is now.


Q: I understand you have three cats… Choose a favorite!

A: Are you serious?! Haha! They’re all my favorites in different ways. While one’s cuddly, another is rebellious. Sometimes I need a little bit of everything.


Q: How did you come across other YouTube gamers such as StacyPlays, HBomb94 & Joey Graceffa?

A: We created this Minecraft recording group where we would come together and record an event labeled “UHC” every few months. This is how I got to meet everyone. I know, it’s really exciting.


Q: You have a lot of quotes/sayings, for example, “Dude! Chill!” What’s your favorite one to say?!

A: Ehh, I don’t really refer to them as quotes or sayings. For me, it’s really all just natural so I don’t favor any over the other.


Q: Did you have a dream job before YouTube?

A: Yes, I really wanted to be an inventor for some reason. Something about taking over the world. I dunno


Q: What’s something not many of your followers might know about you?

A: I was really trying to think of something. I thought really long and hard. And thus my brain arrived at no answer your highness.



Q: What’s your favorite Minecraft mob and why?

A: The cat of course! I own 3… I’m the cat robot!


Thanks, Graser! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

P.S. — Thanks for bringing us humor and love in your videos!

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