Catching Up With Beauty Superstar Ryan Potter

The male beauty industry is growing at an alarming rate; in fact, it’s growing so fast it has almost caught up with the female beauty industry! With new grooming/beauty products quickly hitting our shelves, is it any surprise that male makeup has been a huge trend in 2018? One person who knows their stuff about makeup is 18-year-old makeup guru and enthusiast Ryan Potter.

Ryan is only new in the YouTube Universe, but don’t let that steer you away from his ability to influence you. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Ryan ever since he started uploading videos to YouTube back in 2014/15. In the space of just one year, his beauty channel has gained over 14 thousand subscribers and has attended multiple YouTube stardom events across America.

I sent Ryan some questions regarding the male makeup industry and his fascination with makeup.

When you first started your YouTube channel, did you ever think it would grow as big as it has now?

“I wasn’t sure what to expect! I first started my makeup journey on Instagram and eventually I decided to make the transition to YouTube because a lot of people expressed interest in watching tutorials on my looks. I’m surprised how fast it’s grown and I’m definitely excited to see where this next year takes me!”

Did you have a goal you wanted to accomplish when you started your channel, and if so, have you achieved that goal?

“I didn’t really have a set goal in mind when I originally started. I did want to hit 20k views on one of my videos which I did accomplish with one of my Halloween tutorials. Other than that, I just wanted to keep on improving my content as I went on. I just recently upgraded my equipment which was really exciting for me.”

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

“In 10 years, I’d like to continue to be in the makeup industry. It’s something I’ve grown to love and have a passion for. I’m excited to see how the industry advances and what opportunities will be available! I would also love to be living in California. That’s a huge goal of mine.”

When did your fascination with make-up begin?

“I think it definitely all began when I was super young. I have a vivid memory of stealing makeup from my Mom’s friends garage. She was an Avon sales lady and she stored all of her makeup there…so I took it upon myself to do a little shopping! Looking back, I think it’s kind of funny to see where I’m at now! Here recently however I really started to become serious about makeup when having nice eyebrows was a trend. That was when I first started wearing makeup, from there I progressed in stages of wearing makeup and here we are!”

If you could choose only one makeup product to use for the rest of your life – what would it be and why?

“I love when people ask me this question because I think most people say eyebrow pencils or mascara. For me I can’t live without blush. I think it makes you look super healthy and ‘glowy’ and it’s a staple for me. I usually don’t wear makeup everyday but I will pop on a little blush just to give my face a little life. I can’t live without it!”

Finally, do you have any influential advice you’d like to share to your YouTube audience who may be struggling through life right now?

“I would say to look ahead. Set goals for your future and work towards them. I think looking towards something brighter can help you get through your present situation.”


Truth is, you don’t have to wear makeup if you’re a woman, you don’t have to wear makeup if you’re a man either, and most importantly you don’t have to be gay to wear it. If I’ve learned anything from my research on male makeup, it’s that your sexuality does not in any way influence your choice to wear makeup. It’s becoming incredibly common and is nothing to be ashamed of. No one should ever feel the pressure of having to present themselves in a certain way. 2017 is just around the corner, and I feel it’s time we stop identifying makeup as something just females are obligated to do, and embrace its power to make everyone feel more comfortable in their own skin, no matter what race, gender or sexuality you are. Makeup is comfort – just ask Ryan!

Where you can find Ryan:


Twitter: @ryanbpotter

Instagram: @makeupbyryan

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