Catching Up With RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Yuhua Hamasaki

Do I hear someone saying All Stars 4? Saying goodbye to Yuhua was hard, but what happened after appearing on Season 10 was nothing short of incredible. I recently had the chance to speak to Yuhua about her career and life after RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Q: Did you have a dream job before becoming a successful drag queen? 

A: I didn’t.  I just wanted to do drag because it is SO fun!  When I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher, I wanted to inspire people and give advice to people.  After I discovered drag, it made me so much happier as a person.  It honestly allows me to express myself freely and helped me built as a person.  In a way, I am still inspiring and teaching people, just differently in drag.  Drag gave me a voice to speak about things that I was too scared to speak about and it has allowed me to help other LGBT people to live freely.  I encourage everyone to try drag at least once, you will learn so much more about yourself.




Q: Do you think you found a new style of drag after appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race?  

A: Definitely! I thought I was well rounded already, but it made me even more well-rounded after appearing on the show. I travelled and go to see what’s out there other than New York City. The diversity within the nation, the world, and even within our own LGBT community has broaden my views.

The Ankh Song - hi_v1_current

Q: Are you still in contact with any of the season 10 contestants?

A: Eureka! LOVE her. She really helped me navigate through this crazy life of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’ve heard plenty of times from previous contestants that it will get crazy after the cast is announced, but I was never prepared for how crazy it was going to get. With the traveling, the amount of work, the fans, the merch, people you meet, people that like and won’t like you, the people that want just. a piece of your pie because you’re on the show, I mean… the list goes on. Usually people in their careers slowly go up, but with Drag Race, right after the announcement, it went from 0 to 360 within a minute. So, I am very thankful for her for helping me through this entire time.


Q: What inspired you to audition for RuPaul’s Drag Race?
A: I wanted to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race because I felt like I’d hit a glass ceiling in New York City as a performer and there is really no other way of going up. I’ve worked every drag venue in New York City. Every type of gig from birthdays to bachelorette parties, basically anything you can think of. And I knew that being on the show would lead me to newer opportunities. Though I like working in New York City I also know that there is a bigger world out there and I want to travel. I want to meet other people. I want to become a more diverse and more open minded person. I want to do bigger projects.

Yuhua 2 by Preston Burford_v1_current

Q: What’s next for Yuhua Hamasaki? 

A: Films!  I want to do films! I want to do comedy skits and acting. I’m a funny person and I don’t take life and drag too seriously.  With comedy, it encourages people to live life more relaxed and not be stressed about it all the time.  Life is too short, enjoy it because before you know it, it’s all going to be over.

… Speaking of films, have you watched Yuhua’s new music video?! The Ankh Song (feat. DJ Mitch Ferrino)

Thanks for the catch up Yuhua! Can’t wait to see you on the Season 10 Reunion Episode airing Thursday 22nd June on VH1.


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