Catching Up With Culinary Sensation & Author ‘The Edgy Veg’

The Edgy Veg, otherwise known as the dynamic duo of Candice Hutchings & James Aita, are quickly taking off on YouTube and starting to take over the world – one cheesy recipe at a time!
With the vegan community often discriminated as ‘boring’, Candice & James set out to prove that a vegan lifestyle is anything but boring. In fact, they’re the reason I chose to go vegan, so thanks guys! You may have just saved this journalists’ life.
I recently had the chance to catch up with Candice regarding her YouTube channel and recently published cookbook, ‘The Edgy Veg – Carnivore Approved Vegan Recipes’.
Q: What were the best and worst parts about writing your new cookbook?
A: Let’s start with the best parts, EATING! The recipe creation and testing was such a fun and, at times, frustrating journey. The month-long photo shoot we did to capture the photos for the book was a taxing, but wonderful experience as well. I loved watching my recipes come to life with props I handpicked with my prop stylist.
The worst part of writing this book was the tight timeline. We wanted to release this book in time for Holiday, and that meant we had a condensed writing, testing and shooting schedule. I am someone that tends to get a bit obsessive, so work-life balance is a tough one for me to manage. I over-worked for a year, but I am SO happy with the project.
Q: Probably a hard question, but what’s your favorite recipe from the book and why!?
A: Oh boy. That’s like asking me which one of my two dogs I love most! Impossible. One of my favorite recipes from the book is the “This is Takeout” Butter Chicken recipe. It’s a comforting crowd-pleaser that is easy to cook up in large batches for the family, or to keep on hand for a yummy reheated meal. Try using leftovers to make Butter Chicken sandwiches- yum!
Q: What’s the hardest part about being a vegan living in Toronto?
A: Being vegan in Toronto has a lot of perks. Veganism is very easily accessible from a restaurant, health food and grocery store perspective; but can be quite expensive. I wish more restaurants didn’t add the “vegan tax” into their pricing.
Q: How hard was it to incorporate your ‘edgy’ humor into the book?

A: Adding the awkward humor and quirkiness of the channel to the book was very important to us. We talked through every head note and chapter opener verbally, before putting our fingers to the keyboard. We took a lot of inspiration from the internet culture we love so much, as well as dad jokes, and our affinity for puns.

Q: What’s next for The Edgy Veg?
A: I never know how to answer that. After a crazy year putting this boo together and all the promo and travel that comes with that, I am ready to just get more videos out there. I would like to explore the Eco-friendly lifestyle realm a bit more and see how that lands with our audience. I am passionate about reducing waste, and being more green and I think that is a natural complement to the vegan lifestyle.
Website – Click here
YouTube – Click here
Facebook – Click here
Instagram & Twitter – @edgyveg

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