All Stars 4 Winner Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor

Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor’, known for her extreme tucking abilities, is a drag persona we all know and love. Who could forget her after such a dramatic first appearance on season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?! With 3 challenge wins, the mother-tucking queen went on to place 3rd/4th.

So, what’s life like after RuPaul’s Drag Race? And where is she now? I recently had the chance to catch up with Trinity and chat about her life, and what’s to come!

Q: How has your style of drag changed since appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race? 

A: For many years before Drag Race I always but Drag into a box. That’s what I was taught and the only kind of Drag that was around me years ago. Since Drag Race I’ve definitely opened my mind to all the creative possibilities of Drag! I’ve embraced comedy and my hosting abilities, I’ve partnered up with others to collaborate on creative ideas for shows, costumes and music . A lot has changed is a very good way! Change is good if it makes you better!

Q: What’s the most important life lesson you’ve learnt from Drag? 

A: Drag is just like any other business.. if you want people to take you seriously then you have to take the job seriously. Lead with professionalism and integrity! I’ve Done Drag my whole adult life! It has basically been my teacher on life! I’ve learned how to be a business person, how to handle tough situations and be a people person!

Q: What queen do you keep in contact with the most, and why? 

A: There are several but I guess Valentina from my season is the girl I’m closest to! I think we just developed a friendship that is honest and after we were involved in a very scary fight with someone who randomly attacked Valentina one night after a night out. That really brought us closer.

Q: Where did the name ‘Trinity the Tuck’ come from? 

A: Well Trinity comes from the movie The Matrix but The Tuck was established from a close friend who was very impressed with my tucking ability. One night at a show she brought me on stage with that nick name and it stuck.

Q: What inspired you to first audition for RuPaul’s Drag Race? 

A: Back where I am from I had done everything locally that I could do! I wanted to further my career to something more so I audition for drag race because this show gives so many opportunities just by being on it! The possibilities are endless.

Q: Did you have a dream job before becoming a successful drag queen?      

A: I always wanted to create my own cosmetic line. With this opportunity of drag race I still might be able to do that if that is my path for the future! Many of my goals have changed since drag race. Whatever my path is very excited about the future!

Q: What’s next for Trinity? 

A: Lots of things are happening right now! I am working on an EP, a one woman show, a tour to support local entertainers across the US, drag con, partnering with Oceana which is the worlds largest nonprofit for ocean conservation and other things that I don’t want to give away yet but several big projects! Very exciting things!


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